Cómo la economía del bien común puede superar su opuesto visceral, la economía capitalista acumulativa

How to the Commons economy can overcome its viceral opposite, the accumulative capitalist economy? Paradoxally, by creating a bridge between the two, explains Michel Bauwens in a discussion that emerged after the OuiShare Fest.

A few weeks ago, Nadia El Imam from Edgeryders addressed an open letter to me that was a response to the closing keynote at the OuiShareFest in May 2013, where I presented a four-quadrant interpretation of the emerging collaborative economy, with four different value-laden models vying for supremacy but also already co-existing in the present.

Nadia’s editorial open letter contains a number of open questions, which I will try to answer paragraph by paragraph, while asking understanding for the delay, due to a very intense 14-week lecture tour, which made this kind of concentration a bit more difficult to achieve.

+info: http://ouishare.net


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